A child’s teeth are constantly developing, from the time their first baby tooth appears to the emergence of their full adult teeth.

Primary teeth first emerge before a child’s first birthday, at around 6 to 8 months. By their third birthday, all 20 primary teeth have appeared. This first set of teeth allow your child to develop normal speech and eating habits. Though these eventually fall out and make way for adult teeth, it is still important to keep primary teeth heathy and prevent infection or decay that may spread to other areas of the mouth. Keeping good dental habits and visiting your pediatric dentist at a young age will help prepare for adult dental care.

Your child’s first permanent teeth start to appear by age 6, and around the ages of 12-14, they will all be present. (The only teeth that may not appear at this time are the wisdom teeth or final set of molars.) There are 32 secondary, or adult, teeth, though many adults will have had their wisdom teeth removed to create adequate space. These teeth are comprised of the incisors in the front; canines to the sides; the middle bicuspids or pre-molars; and finally, the molars. While these teeth develop abnormalities can appear, and it may be necessary to find a local pediatric dentist, in West Jordan, Utah, or wherever you live.

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