Daily oral hygiene is an important skill to teach children, especially since many different sources and forms of bacteria can put your child’s teeth at risk. Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry suggests that children start brushing at least twice a day as their teeth appear, following the steps below:

  • Put a “pea-sized” amount of toothpaste on the brush
  • Hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, making gentle circular motions to reach underneath the gum line
  • Make sure to gently brush all along the sides and chewing surfaces
  • Gently clean the tongue and top of the mouth

The best times to brush are a half-hour after meal times in the morning, afternoon and evening. Be sure to also replace the toothbrush regularly.

Flossing at least once per day helps minimize plaque build-up between teeth, which often causes gum disease and can lead to tooth decay. Follow the steps provided for easy flossing:

  • Take a length of floss and wrap the ends around the fingers
  • To remove food debris and plaque build-up, gently slide the floss between the teeth and into the gum line.
  • Take care to use a new clean section of floss on each area of the dental arch, going from one end of the floss to the other.

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