Our pediatric dentist has extensive training and coursework that allows him to provide accredited care specifically for children. Come visit Dr. Ryan Johansen at our pediatric office in West Jordan, Utah, for trustworthy dentistry that is tailored to your child.

Tooth decay affects many children all across America. Treating symptoms early and taking steps to prevent their spread is the job of our pediatric dentist and team. Together, they can help teach your child good at-home habits, as well as examine their teeth regularly through routine check-ups at Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry. From infancy to adolescence, parents can help maintain their child’s dental health, and can take the following steps:

  • Stimulate growth and remove debris by regularly cleaning your infant’s gum tissue after eating with a hygienic cloth. Also, ask our team about your child’s risks for bottle tooth decay.
  • Teach your child to brush for themselves early on (at about age 3) and flossing at about age 7.
  • Monitor your child’s dental health by regularly visiting with the dentist, usually about twice a year.
  • Find out more about fluoridation, whether it is provided by your home water supply or if supplements are an option.
  • Ask us about our dental sealants and how they can protect young teeth.

If you have any questions about pediatric dental heath, call 801-280-9595.