Your child should first see the dentist around their first or second birthday. During your child’s first visit, Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry will do their best to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed throughout their treatment. As the appointment progresses, our pediatric dentist will examine your child’s teeth and discuss issues we may find and possible treatment options. We may also record and go over the child’s medical and dental history. (Look under our “Patient Forms” page to fill out a medical history form for your child.) Contact us at 801-280-9595–our professional pediatric dental team is here to answer any questions you or your child may have about their first dental visit in West Jordan, Utah.

Preparing Your Child for an Appointment

We might also suggest that parents talk to their children about dentistry and what it is like to visit the dentist. Picture books are a good way to educate children about dental care, without worrying them over specific procedures. We do not recommend giving your child detailed, exhaustive descriptions of dental treatments. When talking with your child, we also suggest avoiding words that might cause fear or alarm, like “hurt,” “needle” or “drill.” These are words which Dr. Ryan Johansen also avoids using, so that your child feels comfortable around our pediatric dentist and his office.