As your child’s teeth and jaw develop, problems can start to appear. Misalignment and crowding in the teeth can not only take a toll on your child’s confidence, but also threaten their dental health. While many orthodontic problems are caused by genetics and are unavoidable, some childhood habits can interfere with the development and alignment of the dental arches. Dr. Ryan Johansen recommends that parents discourage late thumb or finger sucking and pacifier use in children, as these habits can cause misalignment and bite and speech issues. If orthodontic options have appeared, bring your child to our pediatric dental office in West Jordan, Utah. There, our pediatric dentist and qualified orthodontist can help diagnose any issues early on.

Dr. Willard E. Zurcher has been with Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry for many years, helping our young patients get beautiful, straight smiles! Dr. Zurcher initially obtained his dental degree at the University of California School of Dentistry. Afterward, he went back to school, completing additional coursework in order to become an orthodontic specialist. We invite you to meet with Dr. Zurcher today. Together with parents, our orthodontist in West Jordan, Utah, can examine and help plan your child’s treatment. Call Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry and talk with our qualified dental team at 801-280-9595.