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Whether your child has undergone oral surgery before or this would be their first time, it can be overwhelming for kids and parents alike. Are you looking for a dental practice that genuinely cares about making your child feel as comfortable as possible during their appointment? In that case, Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry is the place for you. We're proud to offer skilled oral surgery and sedation dentistry for children of all ages.

Our team, led by Dr. Ryan Johansen and Dr. Ryan Burt, treats each of our patients like they are our children. As such, you can rest assured that we'll treat them with kindness and compassion from the reception area to the exam chair. Call us today to schedule your child's next appointment and learn how our West Jordan oral surgery services can meet their dental needs!


Helping Your Child Feel Relaxed & Comfortable

Our practice leverages sedation dentistry during oral surgery, which helps your child feel relaxed and comfortable before and during surgery. It's common that they may feel so relaxed that they're unaware that a procedure is taking place. No matter what the nature of your child's surgery may be, we have the sedation options to suit their needs. Our team will sit down with you ahead of time, determine which type of sedation is right for them, and break down what it entails.

Our West Jordan sedation dentistry services include the following:

Nitrous oxide sedation: One of the most popular forms of sedation dentistry we offer is nitrous oxide sedation. This sedation option uses a mixture of medications that are administered in gas form through a mask placed over your child's nose. Nitrous oxide sedation keeps your child awake and aware during the procedure; however, it lessens feelings of pain and stress. Once the procedure is complete, our team will flush oxygen through your child's nose to help get any remaining nitrous oxide out of their system. One of the greatest benefits of nitrous oxide is that it wears off quickly and allows your son or daughter to get back to their day without feeling too groggy or sleepy.

Oral conscious sedation: Depending on the dose, oral conscious sedation can range from minimal to moderate sedation. Your child will take a pill about an hour before their procedure. They may feel drowsy, but they normally won't fall asleep. Your child will more than likely have no recollection of the dental procedure, and it will take time following their procedure for the medication to wear off. Our team will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions on how to care for your child once they're home.

IV sedation:IV sedation is the highest level of sedation our office offers, and we take great care when administering it to children. We offer both in-office and in-hospital IV sedation depending on the unique oral surgery situation. By intravenously delivering a sedative into your child's bloodstream, IV sedation provides faster results than nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation. Our experienced dental team will oversee the administration of the sedation medication by monitoring your child's vital signs and adjusting the dosage as necessary. Typically, IV sedation is an ideal option for patients undergoing complex tooth extraction.

Simplifying Complex Oral Surgery

At Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry, we have a wealth of experience providing children as young as 18 months old with oral surgery. We can handle even complex surgeries by pairing in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge instruments. One of the most common surgeries we offer is tooth extractions. Whether your child's tooth is severely infected or damaged beyond repair, extraction removes the problematic tooth and provides a clear area for their adult teeth to come in.

When we determine that extraction is necessary, we'll begin the process and can complete it in as little as one office visit. We'll begin the process by taking detailed x-rays of your child's tooth to evaluate its condition and create a plan for extraction. Our dentist will begin the process by numbing the area around the affected tooth and providing the chosen form of sedation. They'll then gently remove your child's tooth and place gauze over the area to help the tissue heal. We can also perform multiple tooth extractions, depending on where the teeth are in your child's mouth.

Your Skilled & Kind West Jordan Oral Surgeon

When your child needs oral surgery, Jordan Landing Pediatric Dentistry is the place for you. We are genuinely passionate about providing efficient oral surgery while helping your child feel as calm and comfortable as possible. We proudly offer various sedation dentistry options, including oral conscious and IV sedation. Contact us today to schedule your child's next appointment with our West Jordan oral surgeon!



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